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Из Белека: Туннельный Аквариум в Анталии

Хит Продаж
Хит Продаж
Available: 45 seats
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9 часов
Доступные дни: Вторник, Четверг и Суббота
Белек, Турция
Белек, Турция
Максимальное количество человек : 45
Подробно о Туре

 We pick up our guests from the side area between 08:-09:20 and start our tour.  We have a 1-hour journey with our guide explaining himself and our program.  During the journey, we reach the Kalpurkaldıran waterfall, our first destination in Antalya, with our guide explaining the culture, geography, agriculture and history of Antalya.  This is the biggest waterfall of Antalya.  We have 30 minutes at the Kalpuzkaldıran waterfall, which is famous for its natural beauty, which is formed where the Döden Stream rises from the Taurus Mountains and flows from the fertile plains sometimes above the ground and sometimes from the underground, pouring into the Mediterranean from a height of 38 meters.  After leaving the waterfall, where we took unique photos, we headed towards the world’s largest tunnel aquarium (131 meters long and 3 meters wide), opened in 2012, and you can see fish that grow in the Mediterranean around the Indian, Kizifdeniz, Atlantic, Pacific and large cylinder aquariums with 4 thematic aquariums.  There are 64 tanks in the aquarium, which has a water volume of 6800 cubic meters.  The decoration of the tank (over 10 thousand sea creatures) was designed by the Italian sculptor Benedetti in Africa, then there are the wrecks of warplanes, ships and submarines that crashed off the coast of Meis Island.  Upon arrival at the aquarium, our tour of the aquarium continues and we have 2 hours of hadar time, as our guide buys the tickets and distributes them to the guests.  With our ticket, we enter the aquarium from the entrance on the 3rd floor.  There is enough time for an aquarium of approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.  After the aquarium, we reach the wax museum on the 4th floor with the same ticket.  In the wax museum, you can visit the wax statues of nearly 100 world-famous musicians, actors, politicians and scientists with their real body measurements.  Our time allotted for the wax museum is between 30 and 45 minutes. After leaving the world-famous aquarium, we set out for the castle in a 15-minute journey.  When we arrive, our 2-hour free time starts after our guide informs us about the meeting place and time.  During this time, if you wish, you can visit the castle, the Roman city walls (2nd century AD), Hadrian’s Gate, Hidirlik Tower, Byzantine churches ( AD) Seljuk artifacts, the symbol of the city, the fluted minaret (13th century), Ottoman houses and mosques (15.16 AD). .17.18.19.y.y)  You have to be careful because the streets are like a maze, you can get lost.  If you are in terents, you can dine at Timanda baik restaurants and take a boat tour.  If desired, you can shop in the stores and shops in the castle, sit in any cafe and enjoy the unique view.  When the time is up, we meet our guide and set out for our hotels.  After a 1-hour journey, we arrive at our hotel at 17:15 and 18:00.  We continue our holiday with the happiness of having a nice day.

Место отправления и возврата

Все отели в Белеке, Турция

Время отправления

С 08:30 до 09:00 от главных ворот отеля

В стоимость тура Включено

  • Входной билет в Аквариум
  • Входной билет в водопад Александра
  • Профессиональный гид (Английский, Немецкий, Русский языки)
  • Страхование во время тура
  • Автобус с кондиционером

В стоимость тура НЕ включено

  • Все напитки и еда
  • Любые личные расходы

Необходимо взять с собой

  • Зонт
  • Солнцезащитный крем
Что Вас ожидает

Во время разнообразной экскурсии, начиная с Сиде, Вы посетите Александровский водопад, познакомитесь с туннельным аквариумом Анталии и старым городом Анталии.
Детям в возрасте от 0 до 2 лет бесплатно, дети в возрасте от 3 до 11 лет оплачивают детскую плату за вход, с 12 лет - полная оплата как за взрослого. На входе будет проверка возраста детей (при себе необходимо иметь свидетельство о рождение ребенка)

  • Водопад Александра
  • Туннельный аквариум в Анталии
  • Старый город Анталии