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Тур в город Алания

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9 часов
Доступные дни: Среда и Пятница
Сиде, Турция
Сиде, Турция
Максимальное количество человек : 45
Подробно о Туре

Our vehicles depart from the side area and pick up our guests from their hotels between 08:20-09:15 and start our journey.  Our guide explains the program of your tour and gives information about Alanya and the region.  After 1 hour, we reach Alanya and come to the banana garden, which is our first place to visit.  Various types of bananas are grown in Turkey mostly along the Mediterranean coastline due to its climate.  Although Chikiola is smaller than a banana, it is sweeter in taste. You can take pictures in the garden under its large leaves.  After our 10-minute photo break, we reach our dripstone cave, which was found by chance in 1948, with its stalactites and stalagmites formed over thousands of years and a source of healing for asthma patients.  Next to the cave Cleopatra beach with a height of 200 square meters and a height of 15 meters, the beach, which is rumored that the Egyptian queen Cleopatra swam here, has a unique 3 km length.  Our guests can enter the cave, sunbathe and swim at the Cleopatra beach, or take the cable car right next to the cave and take pictures on the peninsula and the castle.  We have 30-40 minutes here but they have to choose one just because of the time.  Then we go to the castle with our bus.  The castle, which was built during the Seljuk period with a length of 6500 meters between 1226 and 1238, was restored in the 1950s.  The castle, which has 80 towers and 150 pillars, consists of 3 parts: inner, middle and outer castle.  From the platform shown by our guide, we photograph the unique city of Alanya, the Taurus Mountains, the port and the burning island, which is a UNESCO world cultural heritage, for 10 minutes.  After photographing the Byzantine churches, the Seljuk shipyard, the red tower which is the symbol of Alanya, the armory, the Ottoman houses and the water cisterns, we go to the port for a boat tour.  Our boat tour is around the peninsula for about 1 hour. We see the city of alanya in 1226, the architect kettanizade ebu ali (aleppoli) red tower during the reign of sultan Alaattin Keykubat in the Seljuk period, the shipyard built in 1227, the Ottoman houses and the tower, this time from the sea.  During our boat tour, we visit the caves of pirates, where pirate ships plundered and hid their smuggled goods in ancient times, the lovers’ cave, which is the meeting point of lovers, and the caves that are called phosphorus caves because the water at the entrance has a phosphorus color when the sun hits the sea.  After our boat tour, we set out for dim tea, which is frequented by local and foreign tourists, to have our lunch.  We are at the restaurant after a 20-25 minute journey with a unique beach and sea view.  In our restaurant, where the meal is included in the price and the beverage is extra, we can sit in the tents and enjoy our meal, throw ourselves into the cool waters before and after the meal, or sit in our chair and enjoy the unique view.  We have about 1 hour in the restaurant.  After the field, we take the bus and set out for the city center.  We have 1.5 hours of free time in Alanya city center.  During your free time, you can shop in the city center, go to the Keykubat beach and sunbathe, go to the harbor and take interesting photos among the boats.  When our time is up, we get on the bus and leave Alanya at around 16:30 and 17:00 and set off for our hotel.  We arrive at our hotel between 18:00-18:30

Место отправления и возврата

Все отели в Сиде

Время отправления

08:30 – 09:30 near the entrance to the hotel (not at the reception, but at the security of the hotel)

В стоимость тура Включено

  • Профессиональный гид (на английском, немецком и русском языках)
  • Морская прогулка вдоль побережья Алании
  • Обед (шведский стол)
  • Автобус с кондиционером
  • Страхование во время тура

В стоимость тура НЕ включено

  • Входной билет в пещеру Дамлаташ
  • Любые напитки во время тура
  • Любые личные расходы

Необходимо взять с собой

  • Фотоаппарат
  • Солнцезащитный крем
  • Купальник
  • Входные билеты
Что Вас ожидает

Вы получите удовольствие от разнообразной экскурсии в Аланию из Сиде. Посмотрите достопримечательности города. Искупаетесь в горной реке и насладитесь прогулкой на лодке по морю.

  • Крепость Алании
  • Пещера Дамлаташ
  • Путешествие на лодке в течение 1 часа
  • Река Дим-Чай
  • Центр города Алания
  • Банановый Сад